Recently I discovered the benefits of rebirthing breathwork via webcam. Over many years I did a lot of work on myself, and as a yoga teacher have learned many breathing technics. Nevertheless, I had no idea that I was about to experience the most powerful breathing technic so far. I could not imagine that a technique so simple could have such an effect and so quickly! Rebirthing allowed me to liberate an accumulation of stress, wounds and emotions that had been literally stuck in my body and mind for way too long. I was exhausted, yet as I was liberating deep stress I could feel my energy recirculating in my system. I also felt profoundly regenerated. That was amazing to me… I mean, all those results in just one session!

Lately I am going through a very intense, emotional period. I have the desire to make new choices in my life, yet I feel ungrounded and my mind is “fuzzy”. After 6 years I am still dealing with difficult “stuff” in my loving relationship. Three years of living under the same roof in a reconstituted family of five teenagers (four boys and one girl) has been really difficult for me, much more I thought it would. Furthermore, my son is becoming a young adult and this causes me worries I did not expect. In addition, my financial situation has been “freaking me out” over the past two years. As a result, my body responds to anything that makes me feel bad, causing a lot of “bobos” to appear. I know they are related to the stress still stuck inside of me and which I feel unable to release.

This is how I found myself laying comfortably on a couch at home and rebirthing by webcam. I have to say I felt safe, guided by my rebirther, who has worked with rebirthing since the 1980′s. It was like he was sitting right next to me. Duart is a good rebirther since he feels things, has intuition and also observes the movement of my breathing, He knows exactly where there are blocks and brings me back to the process whenever I stop breathing.

My rebirther coaches me to practice conscious-connected-breathing on a daily basis. This makes me reconnect with my body and my breath. As a result, I remember to breath deeply and more often during the day. And Yes, I get concrete results!

I have also noticed a positive impact on my level of energy, and along with it an increased optimism. As a result, I am more alert to recognizing the messages coming to me from both inside and outside of myself. I am happy and grateful for the technology of rebirth by webcam. I enjoy the opportunity of rebirthing by webcam in the comfort of my own place. I also do my part in the process, taking time to prepare my space in a way to create the most valuable experience. As I have a very busy schedule, for me this is the most effective way to rebirth.

With webcam I save precious time, can stay home and do my positive integration immediately after the rebirth instead of going back into the traffic. I recommend webcam rebirth to everyone.                 Joane Tremblay :-)  


Sylvain Rancourt:  Rebirthing by Webcam

It is a pleasure for me to share my experience of rebirthing by webcam.

Over the last years, I have experienced many rebirths by webcam with Duart Maclean. Whether he is in Montreal or in the desert of California, distance has never been an obstacle for me to rebirth. I have greatly benefited from it in many ways.

Whenever I feel tired in my body or my level of energy seems low, with Lyse Lebeau’s coaching and support I chose to do a rebirthing session. As a result, before the end of each of my rebirths, my energy starts to recirculate more easily and my tiredness is gone.

Some days I experience intense pain in one of my shoulders, which my rebirthing session reduces significantly. Also, whenever I feel unfocused a rebirthing session enables me to become quickly grounded. And, yes, whenever I feel ‘gone’, each and every rebirth allows me to reconnect with my inner strength. I’ve also noticed that after a rebirthing my thoughts are always clearer, enabling me to make the right decisions easily and rapidly.

In terms of business, my communication with others has improved significantly. Rebirthing has allowed me to let go of blockages, as well as my fears of communicating. As a result, my self-esteem continues to get stronger and stronger. Whenever I feel stressed out or am experiencing pressure at work or feeling like l am loosing control of my life, I request a rebirthing session. It allows me get out of my head, where my problems are growing, and back to reality where I feel more peaceful and assured.

Distance doesn’t matter when it comes to rebirthing! I rebirth by webcam whenever I’m too busy to visit my rebirther. Technology has allowed me to rebirth at a distance, which works very well. I am accompanied by a long distance rebirther who has a good presence. Such is Duart Maclean. Then, I need only to commit myself to the breathing process itself and trust Mother Nature.


After my first rebirth, or even during it, I knew that I had discovered something strong, a super powerful tool that would support me in the future to let go of my worries, even those I was not aware of, and that were having important impacts in my life. I thus decided to go on with the technique and went for private sessions with Duart Maclean. I even assisted him one time and it was when I had my first experience with rebirthing by webcam. Duart couldn’t go to the person’s house and asked me to support her while he would be with us by webcam. The session went perfectly and was especially powerful, despite my apprehension that the webcam would create a feeling of distance.
Following this, I had the opportunity to participate in a rebirth training in which we would do a rebirth “exchange” each week with another participant. Since we were rebirthing so frequently, we also tested the webcam rebirth. I was again surprised to feel such proximity despite the distance. The webcam allowed to greatly simplify the logistics, and thus gave us easier access to rebirth, which was truly appreciated given our busy lives.
In my case, being accompanied by webcam sometimes allowed me to be more responsible with regards to my breathing, while still feeling safe and supported. Maybe I was a little less shy to express what I felt also, as strange as this may seem. In terms of responsibility, I liked to prepare the space where I was going to breathe, by lighting a candle, making sure I would be comfortable and that there was a breeze venting the room. This kind of ritual allowed me t feel more committed to the process, instead of being taken care of.
Finally, I think that rebirthing by webcam slowly prepared me to rebirth on my own, after a thorough training of course!


Martin Lavallée

Hello! My name is Martin and I will share with you my personal experience of Open Heart.     It had been several years that I needed to understand who I was deeply. I was constantly running away. I let life lead me, I had given up on having control over my life. Yet, I had taken several steps to psychologists and others to know me better, but I never could manage to achieve my deepest emotions, and understand why I let life control me. One morning I had a very heated discussion with my girlfriend. She told me not want to to continue with me. I had promised her to settle my inner bugs for a long time, but my feet did not follow my words. I wanted to change but I did not know how to do it and I felt guilty for my inaction. I was scared! I left, angry with myself and feeling helpless. I returned home much later and mechanically  opened my computer. By accident I came across the website of a seminar called ‘Open Heart: Expansion in Relations & Self-Esteem. I felt it was a sign for me and decided to register for. I did this without thinking because I felt that the timing was right and that I was now ready to undertake serious steps to regain control of my life.

The Open Heart seminar offered me the opportunity to undertake a process of profound self-knowledge. Quickly, in a meditation exercise, I started to cry. The exercise connected me with a suffering that went back to my youth. Painfully, I could feel deep in my gut the abuse i had received from the youngsters in my neighborhood. I always remembered these experiences mentally, but I minimized their pain by suppressing my emotions; I felt I had to in order to continue a normal life. I realize now that by suppressing my feelings I was sapping my self-esteem and self-confidence, which left me shy and afraid to create relationships. Through Open Heart my repressed suffering suddenly became alive. I felt waves of both anger and sadness rushing through me. I realized how much I had neglected to share my emotions, when it would have been much better to communicate them. My repressed feelings were responsible for my negative ways of thinking and perceiving life in general. My repressing had taken the form of a negative ‘pattern’ of behaviors of which even I was unaware. I realized that my ‘passive-aggressive’ pattern of communicating with people close to me was driving them away.

I started to grasp that my wounds of the past made me see life as a difficult and complicated experience, one that affects my relationships and my own development. I also realized that I suffered a deep pattern of disapproval that drove me from what I really wanted to accomplish in life. I was afraid to choose my path in life in favor of what others wanted me to be.

I realized a lot through the technique of rebirthing. I had a lot of pain and anger inside that needed to be released and that I let go of during this experience. I still do not know everything that causes all this stress within me, because I have not been able to fully identify the source of the negativity accumulated within me. What is more important is the feeling of deep relaxation and of deep gratitude that follows the process of rebirthing: a feeling of being rid of a heavy weight of negativity and suffering, becoming lighter, more confident.

In the space created by the Open Heart seminar, I experienced an atmosphere conducive to the initiation of my true self; one wherein all participants could express themselves in an environment free of judgments.

Since the workshop I feel more energized, more confident, less stressed. I feel more supported by life and less inclined to argue and resist, which makes me more available. I am less prone to procrastination, and I realize the importance of turning my life into action by adopting healthier behaviors. Since Open Heart, I have really slowed down my drinking. Also, I am much more confident in my abilities and realize that having more self-confidence draws the trust of others, their love and support. I understand that to be successful in life, it is necessary that I project an positive, authentic image of myself.

Sylvie Rancourt

Hello! My name is Sylvie. I am 51 years old, a wife and a mother of three children. I am also a nurse. I want to share with you my experience of rebirthing (of which I have personally done at least 30) and of assisting others as a Rebirther.

Through rebirthing I discovered the power of the breath. With ‘conscious’ breathing we activate our cellular memory. By allowing ourselves to feel whatever is buried there, our hidden, negative thoughts and blocked emotions arise in consciousness for release. This is how we can free ourselves from them.

Rebirthing has allowed me to overcome negative judgements about my thoughts and feelings. I have become aware of how I resist and try to control these aspects of my experience. Now I let go and allow myself to feel without judgement. As my body relaxes and my breathing becomes easier, I feel the vital force moving through my body, generating a sensation of heat as well as well being.

I have become conscious of my patterns: guilt, revenge, wanting to be alone, do everything by myself, etc. Through the breath I became aware of the sense of loneliness I felt during my childhood, even though I came from a family of twelve children. I had unconsciously made the decision that I could rely only on myself. Today I have faith in others and am able to accept the support of those around me.

I have learned to love and accept myself as I am. I give myself permission to enjoy myself, for example, by buying flowers for my home. I am also more aware of those moments when I begin to feel guilty or when I judge myself or blame others. When I catch myself doing this, I immediately change my thoughts. On a daily level, I am more in my personal power, I breathe better, and I have greater energy and vitality.

Supporting others as a Rebirther has increased my self-confidence. Even though as a nurse I’m comfortable helping others, in the beginning I would doubt whether I was rebirthing a client correctly or if I was saying or doing enough. If my client resisted breathing properly, I felt responsible somehow and would question myself. Now, I follow my intuition by being present to the person, while at the same time accepting his path and level.

Rebirthing has brought me the satisfaction of contributing to people attaining their goals and objectives, and creating the life they desire.

Sylvie Rancourt
Nurse & Rebirther


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Areas of potential interest where Rebirthing can make a difference:

nightmares, obesity, panic attack, rape, sexual abuse, child abuse, spouse abuse, smoking, stress, stress management, abused women, alcoholism, a.d.d., attention deficit disorder, birth trauma, cocaine, depression, disease, drug addiction, eating disorder, ecstasy, family violence, heroin, illness, incest, incubator, injury, insomnia, marijuana, marital violence