Duart Maclean offers private and group sessions of rebirthing for emotional and mental clearing. He also teaches transcendental deep meditation and yoga, as well as leading transformational workships and trainings. Duart draws on years of study in eastern and western philosophy. He is recognized as an excellent communicator who is able to speak on difficult topics in a way that is simple, clear and profound. Duart is also a writer and co-author of ‘Awakening The Fire Within – Relationship, Leadership and Self-Esteem’.

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How I discovered and fell in love with Rebirthing

In the mid-80′s I moved from Vancouver to Montreal, where I met Lyse LeBeau, a 35 year old Quebecoise who had been leading her own seminars on relationships and self-awareness for several years. Lyse was a gifted ‘rebirther’ and she introduced me to this powerful tool for emotional and mental clearing. I experienced my first breathwork session when Leonard Orr, founder of the Rebirthing movement lead a workshop near Montreal. After my initiation with Leonard I studied with Lyse for several months and then began rebirthing clients. I found the experience both challenging and moving. Through rebirthing others I saw for the first time just how how deep is the pain and anxiety that burdens most people. To the present day I’ve continued to offer breathwork to others, both privately and in groups. My most fulfilling and moving moments occur while I’m supporting clients as they let go of old hurts and wounds they’ve been holding inside, mostly unconsciously.

In 2004 I began co-writing a book on relationships, ‘patterns’, rebirthing, leadership and yoga: the subject matter of workshops that Lyse has been teaching since 1983. Lyse worked closely with me during the writing, contributing a great deal of her wisdom and experience to the book’s content. We published ‘Awakening The Fire Within: Relationship, Leadership & Self-Esteem’ in 2005 (english) and in 2006 (french). It is available in both soft cover and ebook formats. Since the publication of ‘Awakening The Fire Within’ I’ve been the principle leader of three of our programs and seminars, including ‘The 3 Month Rebirthing Trainings (I & II)’, ‘Open Heart: Expansion in Relationships and Self-Awareness’ and ‘The Leadership Program’. Lyse and I collaborate closely on every aspect of these programs which have been delivered consistently in the Montreal region over the past 30 years.


Rebirthing is also frequently referred to as: Transformational Breathwork, Breathwork, Transformational Breathing and Transformational Breath. Rebirthing (Transformational Breathwork) was a discovery of Leonard Orr in the early 1970′s. Leonard Orr still carries the torch for Rebirthing world-wide. Leonard Orr is recognized as the original founder of the Rebirthing Breathwork movement.

Rebirthing has helped many with the following problems: birth trauma, caesarean birth, breech birth, incubation stress at birth, child abuse, sexual abuse, incest, marital violence, depression, insomnia, panic attacks, loneliness, violent behaviour, illness due to stress, attempted suicide, poverty, lack of money, low self-esteem, marriage breakdowns, family violence, rape, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, suicidal tendencies, poor health, many types of disease, such as fibromyalgia, MS, cancer, nervous disorders, skin disorders, attention deficit disorder and so forth. Rebirthing makes no claims to be able to ‘cure’ any specific mental or physical health problem. However, Rebirthing provides a support for the individuals suffering from these problems. Breathwork, used properly, can greatly assist the healing process. Rebirthing strengthens self-esteem, self-confidence. greater energy and vitality. Self-confidence and self-esteem are essential to success in business, success in relationships, success in health, success in love, success in marriage, success in everything. Transformational breathwork works!
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Areas of potential interest where Rebirthing can make a difference:

nightmares, obesity, panic attack, rape, sexual abuse, child abuse, spouse abuse, smoking, stress, stress management, abused women, alcoholism, a.d.d., attention deficit disorder, birth trauma, cocaine, depression, disease, drug addiction, eating disorder, ecstasy, family violence, heroin, illness, incest, incubator, injury, insomnia, marijuana, marital violence