Lyse LeBeau

Lyse LeBeau

Our approach to Rebirthing

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As Rebirthers our main function is to facilitate emotional clearing in our clients.

Rebirthing is also referred to as Conscious-Connected-Breathing.  This method is a safe, natural and effective method for releasing suppressed emotions and for transforming negative, counter-productive thinking.  Rebirthing is an excellent practice for stress-management as well as for stress-related health issues.

There are two important aspects to the practice of Rebirthing:

1.  Letting go of and integrating powerful emotions (anger, grief, anxiety, depression, etc) that we have repressed in our bodies due to fear and resistance. The energy of blocked emotional mass negatively affects our bodies and our psyches.

2.  Discovering and transforming the largely unconscious, negative beliefs and judgments that always accompany repressed emotions. Since thought is creative, if we do not recognize and let go of our unconscious negatives we will continue to recycle unhealthy patterns of behavior. These buried, negative thought-forms reinforce and hold our repressed emotional mass in place.

We look forward to speaking with you about how Rebirthing could make a difference in your life or in the life someone you know who could be struggling with mental and emotional issues.

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Areas of potential interest where Rebirthing can make a difference:

nightmares, obesity, panic attack, rape, sexual abuse, child abuse, spouse abuse, smoking, stress, stress management, abused women, alcoholism, a.d.d., attention deficit disorder, birth trauma, cocaine, depression, disease, drug addiction, eating disorder, ecstasy, family violence, heroin, illness, incest, incubator, injury, insomnia, marijuana, marital violence